The Global Service Jam is about developing new services. In Service Jam, small teams in locations all over the world will be working together for 48 intensive hours to build entirely new service solutions. These small and effective teams combine different skills from various fields. These diverse teams will move from ideas to hands-on solutions using methods from service design, innovative problem solving, and rapid prototyping – with experienced service designers as their mentors.
Service Jam is all about learning by doing – and having fun! Service Jam is open for everyone; all that is required is an enthusiastic attitude towards developing services and willingness to get one’s hands dirty.
Whether you are an experienced professional or just getting to know service design, Jamming brings you together with other like-minded people to create new ideas and concepts, that might just become a reality. Tickets cost 35 €, which is used to cover some of the catering and prototyping costs. Service Jam is a non-profit event.
Update: WE ARE SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone who signed up and see you at the Jam! For those of you who missed your spot for this year, you can still sign up for the waiting list:



Coffee, beverages and light snacks are available at the premises. Lunch and dinner are self-paid. There’s no shortage of restaurants in the area of Punavuori. Feel free to grab any snacks with you!

48 hours

While the Jam rolls for 48 hours, we close the premises for the night. People are happier and more productive after a good night’s sleep.

What to bring & What NOT to bring

We provide basic prototyping materials, some snacks and beverages. It is, however, a good idea to bring along the tools you’re familiar with. Every team needs at least one laptop for uploading their progress to Planet Jam, but that’s not something you need on the first day. The organizers will surely have their own computers at hand as well if needed. Come as you are, and bring a curious mind!

Don’t bring pre-thought concepts or teams with you. Ideas, concepts and teams are developed at the Jam. This is not a competition, it’s more about teaming up with different kinds of people and building prototypes.

The Theme

Nobody knows the theme until the Jam starts. Not even the organizers. Do bear in mind that due to different time zones the Jammers in other areas don’t know the theme until their Jam starts. Keep the secret! Don’t post photos that might reveal the theme on social media until the last Jam (somewhere in Western US) has started. Nobody likes spoilers.

Social media

Service Jam is an international event. Every Jam is active on social media, and we are no exception. We’re publishing photos and videos of the Jam on our Facebook-site and on Twitter. We invite you to be active as well! Tag everything with #GSJam and # GSJamHKI. Facebook is our main channel for communicating, so make sure you follow our FB-site!


This year’s Helsinki Jam is hosted at the hasan & partners Group offices in Punavuori (Pursimiehenkatu 29-31 B, entrance from the inner courtyard of the building). That’s what we’ll use as the main hub for the Jam  – you’ll find plenty of group working spaces, prototyping tools, the mentors, special guest appearances and some refreshments. However, we encourage you to also take your prototypes off to the city streets for testing and validating during the weekend!


Thursday March 28th
hasan & partners Group (Pursimiehenkatu 29-31 B)

As Service Jam is the first contact point with service design for many, we will be kicking the weekend off with service design + creativy + business side event, on Thursday 28th of March.
The event will cover lighting talks on

  • Diversity of service design in Finland // Teija Hakaoja, Lead Designer, Silver Planet & Chapter Representative, Service Design Network Finland
  • Design thinking and service design at K group – what and why? // Jussi Mantere, Head of CX and Design, Kesko
  • The difficult concept of creativity // Tobias Wacker, Executive Creative Director, hasan & partners Group
  • The growing business of customer centricity // Ami Hasan, Founder & Chairman of the Board, hasan & partners Group

Let us know in the registration if you’ll be joining both the side event and the Jam, or the Jam only. This helps us to reserve enough refreshments for the evening.


Thursday 28.3. (side event)

4pm Doors open

4:30pm Lighting talks on service design, business & creativity

6pm Refreshments & mingling

Friday 29.3.

5:30pm Doors open

6pm Introduction to service design & GSJam

Team formation

Finding problems worth solving

10pm Doors close

Saturday 30.3.

9am Doors open, warming up

Field research

Prototyping and validating

10pm Doors close

Sunday 31.3.

9am Doors open

Prototyping, preparing for presentations

3pm presentations ready & uploaded

3:30pm Final prototype presentations

18:00 End of Jam

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