KONE wanted to bring a new product to the market: The KONE Ultra RopeTM, a lighter and stronger carbon fibre elevator rope which will enable elevators to travel about double the height of existing solutions. As innovation of this scale is rare, we wanted to maximize the positive effects for product- and brand awareness within a global target audience.

By showing the product and its features, and more importantly what these enable (such as elevator travel heights up to1000 m and a change of urban landscape) we built a compelling story via video, website, and brochure.

The story received coverage of unprecedented size in global mass media, expert portals and geek portals – making it one of the most widely covered launches in the history of the elevator industry. No bought media whatsoever was used. Coverage included CNN, The Times, The Economist, Euronews, Reuters, The Daily Mail Online, and other top media outlets in 20 differentcountries.