Tutti Frutti, one of the largest candy brands in the Nordics, wanted a summer promotion to make the brand more exciting and engaging, and bring the brand closer to consumers.

We developed a 14-week web promotion to encourage users to interact with the brand in a playful way. We leased a deserted island in the Southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa and divided the island into a million sections. Every bag of Tutti Frutti candy included a code enabling ‘ownership’ of a piece of the island in a virtual environment, and Tutti Frutopian ”citizenship“.

During the promotion citizens played games to show their skills in geography and compete in tasks to decide who would rule the island. They also created the kingdom, designed the flag, and chose next year’s Tutti Frutti candy.

At the end of the tournament the two best competitors won a trip to Mauritius and the island, and the King of Tutti Frutopia was ceremoniously crowned.

The campaign generated a lot of online activity and social media buzz. The YouTube video was viewed 247,322 times. During the 14 weeks, postings were made once a week. Among these 14 postings, one generated 1,179,000 impressions and 35,000 clicked the posting.