Metsä makes the most of the best possible renewable raw material in the world: Northern wood. Despite being a big player, Metsä is not well known even in Finland – partly because it was formed into one brand just a couple of years ago. We set out to communicate what Metsä does and how it does with an integrated campaign: There’s more to Metsä than meets the eye.

At the core of the campaign was an interactive video experience that shows how Metsä makes the most of wood in a unique value chain from seedlings to end-products. The site was planned and programmed wholly in-house. The value chain was also brought to life in an augmented reality poster.

As the seeds of one cone can grow into 200 trees, the cone is a great symbol for the potential of Metsä. We demonstrated this potential by opening up a pop-up store, where people could buy Metsä products with cones.

In the darkest time of the year, we continued to activate people to the site by showing Metsä in a new light. Thanks to the campaign, we managed to double the top of mind of Metsä Group.