The City Above The City

The City Above The City

Urban populations will grow by a staggering 2.5 billion people by 2020, and urbanisation is outpacing the ability to build affordable and sustainable living space. Wood is the best way to battle climate change and house a growing urban population. Wood, however, is a misunderstood alternative to concrete and steel even among professionals. Metsä Wood’s main product, Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), is light, with multiple uses and benefits in construction. It is the only material light enough to build on existing structures. Approximately 25% of existing buildings are strong enough to carry additional floors made out of wood. How could we make a global target group of building professionals aware of this? We launched the City Above the City initiative.

Metsä Wood, a supplier of premium wood construction products, wants to inspire the global architect- and construction expert audience to built more with wood. Research showed that approximately 25% of existing buildings are strong enough to carry additional floors made out of wood. Metsä Wood saw a unique opportunity and launched a global architect competition judged by a renowned jury, with the goal of turning the rooftops of today into the building sites of tomorrow to provide living space for millions.

Metsä Wood called on all architects to share our quest for liveable and sustainable cities and enter the City above the city architects’ competition. The entrants were encouraged to select a centrally-located building in one of the world’s most populated cities and develop an innovative wood design solution that adds additional floors using Kerto® LVL as the primary material. We received about 200 entries from all over the world. The winners were chosen by an internationally well-known jury. The competition call for entries and the entries themselves gathered global media coverage.

174 stunning entries featured in leading global design, architecture and mass medias as, Threehugger, Yahoo, Designboom, Newswire, Architectural Review, ArchDaily, dà architectures, Clad magazine, and Condo Canada. This resulted in global media coverage and an in intense discussion within the core target audience. During 2016, the campaign reached a PR value of 1.2 million euros in print and online PR of 5.9 million euros. This resulted in a total earned media of 7.1 million euros globally.

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