Children’s rights organisation Plan International Finland has released a series of emotive, YouTube tutorial videos that highlight the shocking reality faced by girls globally, many of whom live in fear of sexual abuse, child marriage and harassment.

The films connect an aspect of typical daily life of girls in a developed country with a situation girls in developing countries face every day. We see a young girl who is shooting a make-up tutorial. Bit by bit the mood changes as the viewer realises, though the young girl is trying to hold on to her playful, imaginary life, the reality is extremely different.

The films form part of 1000 Days campaign to illustrate how vital the days from conception until her second birthday are to a girl’s future safety and success. The end line says: “Give girls a better future. The first 1000 days are the most important” and viewers are directed to an interactive platform that follows the 1000-days journey of a girl in a developing country. The site features an animated real-time infographic based on five elements – Food, Health, Education, Love and Play – each being crucial to a girl’s future. The site also features videos, articles, stories and facts about Plan International’s work.