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Humankind is faced with a challenge. How can we both battle climate change and house an ever-growing urban population? Metsä Wood wanted to spread awareness of the possibilities of wood construction, tackle misconceptions and offer their products as a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel. Instead of using reference cases like everyone else, we decided to show how iconic architectural designs could be constructed from wood. The content was created as in any other project. We partnered with the leading professionals, the same caliber of people we wanted to reach. We started with the Colosseum, and next did the Empire State Building. Paid media was never an option. To reach a heavily dispersed and skeptical target group, we had to rely on PR. The media welcomed the content as a fully credible case study of how wood can reshape the skyline of the future. In the first four months alone we have reached a staggering amount of over 225 million people.