Pixelated Beer

Pixelated Beer

Karhu is the market leader and most preferred beer brand in Finland, but this preference had been dropping. In 2015, Finland tightened the rules for alcohol marketing. Outdoor advertising was banned, social media was strongly restricted and TV ads before 10 p.m. were forbidden. Outdoor advertising used to be the main media for Karhu.

How could we improve Karhu’s preference despite this challenge – while continuing to build this strong, self-assured, minimalistic and independent minded brand?

Bureaucratic rules, regulations and prohibitions – especially those involving alcohol – had already caused much upheaval in social media. We decided to turn a legislative challenge into a marketing opportunity by making gentle fun of the new legislation – and prohibition culture in general.

The solution was a campaign where we made the beer less appealing. We pixelated the beer, left out the delicious beer sound and let the consumers imagination fill in the blanks. The campaign included TV, online TV and social media.

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