Finnish dairy brand Valio Gefilus contains one of the most extensively researched bacteria, LGG, which supports your resistance. Because of European food legislation we were not allowed to talk about all the benefits the product has. That is why we decided to put our product to the ultimate test. We asked Ian Wright, the world-renowned traveler from Lonely Planet, to do what even toddlers know is forbidden: lick the dirtiest places in Europe. At the same time, Ian consumed our Valio products and interviewed gut health experts during his journey. A documentary, The Lick-Hiker’s Guide to Inner Strength, was born.

We were able to get the whole documentary on primetime TV on the biggest channel in Finland and spread the message in earned media: three of the main media outlets covered the story in their journalistic content. 7000 Finns even watched the entire 22-minute documentary via the YouTube pre-roll ad before cute cat videos.