Machine Conversations

Machine Conversations

Have you ever heard machines talk to one another?


The world leader in elevators, KONE, had together with IBM Watson IoT created an AI-driven monitoring and control system powerful enough to monitor and predict wear & tear and repair needs of a million elevators in real-time.

Nobody had ever translated machine-to-machine conversations into audible, intelligible and shareable conversations. Until now. We devised a way to tap into the real-time data feed between KONE elevators and the IBM Watson IoT cloud. By crafting over 500 variable-bound lines of copy, calls and responses — we made it possible for the world to hear how elevators speak their minds. The real-time conversations could be heard — and seen — live, and played back using automatically picked discussion highlights.

Within days of its launch, Machine Conversations became a pop-culture phenomenon with consumers, the media and the industry joining the storytelling with phrases from films and entertainment.

In only five weeks we reached 327 million listeners and viewers — with e.g. over 350 media articles ranging from USA Today to Forbes to Quartz to Financial Times to BoingBoing and even the World Economic Forum. Earning KONE exposure worth over 3 000 000 EUR/USD in online advertising space.

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