Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Challenge K-group and its various store chain brands had drifted apart – and become distant and out of date. The different brand identities all looked and behaved differently without any clear link to the umbrella brand. Our task was to bring back together all the different brands, uniting them both with a core brand strategy and consistent brand identity that still allowed for an own, clear interpretation for each store chain brand.

To bring the brands closer to customers – and each other – we used a warm core color, a bespoke typeface and visual forms that were consistent throughout.

A custom type family of display and information fonts optimised for print, digital and broadcast. To be used by all Kesko brands within their independent identities.


The core brand thought behind all the K brands is that every customer and K-store is different – and yet we are more together.

This core thought is expressed throughout the final execution of the total brand renewal. All the different brands are joined by an aligned and consistent identity while still allowing a unique voice for each ofthe brands.

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