Finns love to cruise, especially with iconic Silja Line. Practically every Finn has travelled the Baltic Sea at least once with the famous blue and white vessels. However, in 2012 there was a small problem arose: the beloved logo – a seal named ‘Harri’ – lost a bit of his smile during Silja Line’s logo renewal.

In 2014 Silja’s two most iconic vessels, Serenade and Symphony, were renewed. So this presented the perfect moment to give also Harri his smile back – at least in advertising.

The campaign began with print, films and outdoor ads that simply presented a smiling seal. The story continued via other channels, including a very special event in which a remotely controlled Harri gave by-passers challenges right in the middle of Helsinki.

By the end of the campaign the feedback was so great that Silja decided to (once again!) make the smiling seal their official logo.

Finns just love to cruise. With Silja.

PS. Even though the two vessels were in dry dock for a couple of months, Silja still managed to carry more passengers in 2014 than during the previous year. And that makes people smile!