Felix has a long heritage in Finland and is very well known. But the brand needed energizing, especially in light of an approaching 50th anniversary. Our challenge was to make the 50th anniversary of Felix Ketchup contemporary, relevant and engaging — and in the process increase sales and improve brand perception.

We decided to focus the campaign on the reason Felix Ketchup exists — the people who love it. We invited an artist who specializes in food art, Nathan Wyburn, to paint portraits of participants out of ketchup. He worked out of a container studio in the center of Helsinki for one week, painting portraits 8–10 hours a day. Participants sent pictures through Facebook and each day several were selected to receive a portrait, and a video of the process posted on their Facebook Timeline. People could also follow the event live.

The campaign quickly went viral and generated a ton of PR in social media and blogs, TV, radio, and print. The artist even visited the top morning news program to paint the news anchor’s portrait live.

The campaign was also featured internationally, in Fast Company, for example. During the campaign sales increased by 18% compared to the year prior. The campaign was a boost for other Felix products as well, increasing Felix sales overall compared to the prior year.