Tallink Silja AB and Visit Estonia turned to hasan & partners Stockholm to get more people to book a cruise to Estonia and stay overnight.

Traditional tourist destination marketing is filled with arranged pictures of professional models, but today people tend to trust their friends more than advertisements. In fact, the most influential endorsement happens in peoples’ own social media channels. h&p decided to harness that fact and enlist regular people to change how Swedes thought about Estonia.

Together with local experts we created an epic list of the coolest things to do in Estonia. We then offered these experiences to 97 ordinary Swedes to try out the country for themselves.

We gave away these experiences for free, the only “payment” we wanted was that the participants share their experiences in their social media channels – thereby becoming digital ambassadors for Estonia.

The campaign was exposed to thousands and thousands of people through social media. These messages were shared by regular people, spreading the message of their amazing trips to their friends and beyond. As a result, at their friends’ recommendations a lot of people will be booking a cruise to Estonia.