Finland emojis – First national emojis ever

Showing emotions can be difficult – especially if you’re a silent Finn. So it makes sense that Finland has become the first country with its own set of national emojis. They communicate a range of emotions and aspects of Finnishness, from “kalsarikännit” (getting drunk alone at home with no intention of going out) to famous Finns like Martti Ahtisaari. The emojis were created by hasan communications for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and published in its Christmas calendar. The global attention the emojis continue to receive is amazing. We’ve gotten at least two thousand media media hits globally from Time, CNN, BBC, The Independent, Wired, Huffington Post, Fox News and Reuters Japan – to name just a few. In fact, no other single communications activity has ever generated as much attention for Finland as the Finland emojis.