Complaints Booth

Complaints Booth

Tallink is the leading cruise operator on the Baltic Sea. They have a party cruise departing every day from Helsinki, Finland. These 22-hour cruises are the best cure for Entertainment Anemia – a rather common ailment in Finland.

At Tallink we take fun seriously. When you party, you’re happy. When you’re happy, you are a healthy person: you have the energy to do things and your outlook is cheerful. We think fun is just as important to overall well-being as exercising regularly or eating right.

One thing Finnish people love to do is complain about everyday stuff: the weather, politics, taxes, work etc. Tallink wanted to turn all this negative energy into something positive and fun. This is how the world’s first Complaints Booth was born. In the Tallink Complaints Booth, people could trade their worries for a cruise.

An old English phone booth was equipped with modern technology and placed in the middle of Finland’s capital, Helsinki. In the booth (and also online in a banner) people were invited complain about whatever was bothering them.

A live operator listened to their problems, and – if their worries were heavy enough – rewarded them instantly with the best cure for entertainment anemia: a free 22-hour cruise.

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