Finnish mobile operator DNA challenges itself every day to build and maintain the most comprehensive and reliable high speed 4G LTE network. This requires a huge amount of dedication and hard work; it’s an ongoing race against rivals – and the clock.

Our challenge was to create awareness for DNA’s 4G LTE network and to communicate, both internally and externally, the ambition and dedication that DNA and it’s employees have.

We created The DNA 100 Minute Challenge. Our idea was to challenge someone who shared DNA’s willpower and commitment to excellence to race against time. We selected one of our country’s best kite boarders, Juuso Tilaéus, to cross the Gulf of Finland is just 100 minutes.

Crossing the Gulf this way was something that had been done only once before, by Russian kite boarder Petr Tyshkevich – and he took almost twice the time to establish the world record we hoped to break. Our ambitious goal meant that everything had to be planned carefully, and that conditions had to be perfect.

On October 7th, after almost two months of preparation and waiting, Juuso was finally in position to start his attempt from Tallinn to Helsinki. Conditions this late in the season were quite cold, meaning that now the journey was going to be even more challenging.

After two hours Juuso finally made it to Helsinki. Due to the extremely difficult conditions he wasn’t able to do it in 100 minutes, yet he decisively broke the existing world record.