Meet our talent

hasan & partners is “engineered” to let you bring out your full potential, and to provide the best possible infrastructure, conditions and operating system to create outstanding, groundbreaking work. If you feel you could help power our engine, let Taru Purola know how (she’s our People Operations Manager).

Insight & strategy

"We observe the world in constant flux, building original and inspiring strategic creativity."

  • Nina Perälä, Strategic Planner

Brand Design

“By diving into the strategic ambition of our clients we look to build desirable and durable brands.”

  • Joseph Bayne, Design Director

Creative problem solving

“Contextual creativity and radical relevance. Ideas that inspire us as much as they inspire the rest of the world.”

  • Tobias Wacker, Executive Creative Director

Business Leads

“Understanding the client’s business, organization, goals and ambitions creates trust and space for impactful creative work.”

  • Reino Tikkanen, Business Director

Digital Design

“Digital is everywhere. That’s why the brand needs to be present and relevant in all of those points. How else does your brand create personal and unique connections and a complete customer experience today?”

  • Vesku Nurmi, Experience Design Lead

Account Management

“At hasan, we build solid relationships with our clients based on trust. Together we get to create impactful work pushing industry standards at home and abroad.”

  • Melle de Haan, Client Lead