Pauline Korp talks about women in advertising

Published in LBB Online

“I have heard stories about the ‘golden age’ of advertising. Where budgets were as high as Bob Marley and every month you could fly to Switzerland with a private plane. The Mad Men style advertising industry with non-stop whiskey, cigars, and big money flying around like there is no tomorrow.

Apparently that was all before women came onboard and turned Mad Men into Responsible Men, ditched the cigars and whiskey and made it into a ‘soft’ world where every campaign has a sentimental social cause.

Even though this latter opinion was shared to me as an insult, I became obsessed by the possibility of women being behind cause marketing.”

In an article for LBB Online Pauline Korp, Creative Strategist, shares her thoughts about women in the history of advertising, and how being soppy and soft should not be an insult.

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