Stinde Mäkinen joins hasan & co.

Stinde Mäkinen, previously responsible for Sanoma's B2B sales and largest customers, will join hasan & co. in November. In his new role, Mäkinen will combine his extensive experience in sales, marketing, and Finnish advertisers with hasan’s versatile offering.

For Stinde Mäkinen, who has been working in Finnish marketing and sales for almost 25 years, a move to a creative agency has been on the horizon for a long time. This dream will come true in mid-November when Mäkinen joins the group as Business Director.

“The expertise of hasan & co. and many of its professionals are familiar to me from my career, and I eagerly look forward to leveraging my experience and networks to ensure our customers' success. Of course, this is also a fantastic opportunity for me to continue learning. Hasan has a particularly well-designed offering to grow our clients’ business. It is a solid basis for a genuine strategic partnership. We are among a few agencies in Finland to truly deliver in that role,” sums up Stinde Mäkinen.

With Mäkinen, hasan will gain both long-standing experience and diverse expertise in the industry.

“Stinde joining hasan is good news for us. But it is great news for our clients. They will benefit from Stinde's long-standing understanding of Finnish media, marketing, and advertising. Not to mention that Stinde is a remarkably nice and energetic colleague," says Antti Kiukas, Commercial Director of hasan & co.

Read the full press release in Finnish here.