Antti Kiukas joins hasan

Published in Kauppalehti

Antti Kiukas brings versatile expertise in marketing leadership and development, and a deep understanding of customers’ operating environment and everyday life. Kiukas joins hasan Group as Commercial Director in June from Siili Solutions. 

All it takes is a nudge in the right direction and the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

"If you want to help people to be brave, you have to be brave yourself. hasan & partners' reputation, its offering that fits today´s operating environment and overall culture convinced me. The world is full of high-quality messages and compelling stories, and the only way to stand out is by being braver than your peers, and especially, by doing things that really matter to your clients. Add to this an interesting next stage of growth for the company and a working community that you really want to be part of, and you have pretty much completed the puzzle," says Antti Kiukas.

Previously, Antti Kiukas not only supported major change projects at Trainers' House, but also worked across several business sectors. At Siili Solutions, he was responsible for communications and marketing. In addition to his considerable industry knowledge, Kiukas has gained insight into developing commercial expertise and building partnerships.

Now, this expertise is being harnessed to drive growth.

"The aim is to do more for our customers and do it better than before. Businesses can no longer just rest on their laurels – strategy needs to be brought to life. To be more concrete, in the eyes of the customer, this happens through the brand," says Kiukas.

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