Purmo Group

A Holistic Brand Renewal

Brand strategy and design, Comms strategy, Change enablement

The challenge

The leading sustainable indoor climate comfort solution provider, Purmo Group (ex Rettig ICC), has a strong position in the radiator market and aims for significant growth. During the past years the company has grown, for instance,  through numerous acquisitions.

To reach their growth targets the company wanted to update and globally unify their brand strategy and brand identity. hasan & co. was chosen as the partner in this project to execute the strategy, design and communications work.

The solution

A new name, brand strategy and visual identity was created in close-knit cooperation with the client, with input from clients, employees and the management. The work started with a deep contemplation of what the company is now and what it wants to be in the future.

As the strategy work progressed, the reasons for embarking on this journey, what the goals were and how the development work was moving forward was actively communicated to employees. Employees were engaged in the clarification of their common new direction through a personnel survey and derived insights were then utilized in communications materials. 

Through the holistic brand renewal a new brand story crystallizes the company’s successful past, while embodying a strong vision of future growth: to be the leading provider of sustainable indoor climate solutions and a customer-centric expert of indoor climate comfort.

The outcome

As a result, Rettig ICC is now Purmo Group. Purmo Group has a new brand strategy based on customer and strategy understanding, a crystallized brand story, brand communication guidelines (communications policy, strategy, key messages and a defined tone-of-voice), brand handbook and visual identity (appearance, logo, mark, pictograms, colors, typography, pictures, brand film and brand material templates). 

The renewed Purmo Group brand was launched internally in September 2019. The launch was done through internal communications materials and actions that familiarized the new story and direction to the personnel. The goal of clear and consistent internal communications was to enable employees to actively operate as a part of the new Purmo Group brand strategy – to inspire employees to take steps in the new direction. 

The new Purmo Group was introduced to external stakeholders in October 2019. 


Purmo Group


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Type of work

Brand strategy
Brand design
Change enablement
Comms strategy
Internal Comms
Creative storytelling

About the client

Purmo Group is the leading provider of indoor climate comfort solutions. Their product offering includes radiators, towel warmers, underfloor heating, convectors, valves and controls. Purmo Group is a global operator – the company has 3300 employees and over 50 locations in 26 countries.