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Deepening the brand meaning of Pohjola Insurance in digital

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In spring 2019 OP Insurance changed its name to Pohjola Insurance. The launch of the new brand was based on distinguishing itself from competitors in an extremely homogeneous market. Pohjola Insurance wanted to shake up conventions in the category and to talk to young people in particular.

Although the launch was intended to make people understand that OP Insurance is again Pohjola Insurance, it was not specifically underlined. More important were the purpose of brand and the way of talking. Pohjola Insurance does not talk about insurances, risks or security. It talks about life.

The biggest damage in life is not done by living. Fears and worries often drive us and things go wrong. We do not dare to indulge and justify what we do at any time. And we regret it later. An insurance company does not, of course, take anyone mountain climbing – not even to a Pilates session. It nevertheless provides a feeling of security as well as related information, just in case. And THAT is the duty of an insurance company. To enable living.

Nothing is irreplaceable. Except life.

To follow up on the launch campaign, which started in May 2019, we released a film series with the 'Apostles of Life', Mark and Jonathan - two guys whose lives as human beings are over. When born again as animals, they realise how fulfilling human life was.

In videos posted on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Mark and Jonathan were reborn as snails, manatees, spotted muzzles, starfish, sloths, owls, sardines, hippopotamuses, cats, bears, blue tits, etc., but never as humans.

With the Mark and Jonathan videos we aimed at making the Pohjola Insurance brand more human, approachable and positive. At no point did the content emphasise advertising. Nor did the stories refer to advertising by an insurance company. Still, the reborn fellows deepened the brand message and brought it closer to the product.

After seeing these videos, if not before, the general public noticed that a very different insurance company had entered the market.


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Pohjola Insurance is Finland’s leading non-life insurer and part of the OP Financial Group - Finland’s largest financial services group, owned by its customers.