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Life is a mess but Lempi cleans it up

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Both the awareness and usage of home cleaning providers are low in Finland. However, there’s significant latent demand. We saw that with creative marketing, Lempi can stand out from the competition while encouraging consumers to use the service.

The Challenge

65% of all Finns and 41% of the ones that have used cleaning services, cannot name a single home cleaning company. At the same time, only 14% have used home cleaning but 38% is interested. To make the most of the latent demand, we needed to come up with a strong advertising concept.

We felt that there is nothing particularly interesting about cleaning as a technical performance.  On the other hand, it's fascinating what kind of feelings cleaning can evoke, whether its the bliss of entering a clean home – or the anger that stems from the squabble over who cleans up and how.

Housework is the most common reason for family quarrels – not only that the other person doesn't do the housework, but does it wrong

- Yle Uutiset

The Solution

We focused purely on the emotional benefits of using a cleaning service, whether it's about avoiding arguments or using your own time for more meaningful things. When you leave household chores to the professionals, your life itself becomes a bit neater.


Lempi Kodinhoito Oy


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Creative storytelling
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Client description

Lempi Kodinhoito is a cleaning service company with over 20 years of experience. The company operates in cities all over Finland, offering various home cleaning services tailored to the customer's needs.