Lapland Hotels

Digital Playbook – a unified guide to social media communications

Internal comms, Digital concepts, UI & UX design, Digital marketing, Change enablement

The challenge

Lapland Hotels, employing hundreds of people all around Finland, needed support for their geographically scattered staff so they could create a unified, high quality brand experience for their followers and customers in social media. This included training material, best practices and unified guidelines for communications.

The solution

A Digital Playbook was built for Lapland Hotels in the form of an internal website, gathering together information on how to use different social media channels, their reach with different target groups as well as content that works. From the Playbook the Lapland Hotels staff can easily find instructions on the brand’s style and tonality, communicating to different target groups, quality content, technical info and customer service tips for social media. A section on social media account administration was also added, so the tool can also be used as the platform for the company’s internal social media process. The tool was launched with common inspiring social media trainings.

As the Digital Playbook is built in website format, it's easily accessible, updatable and an inspiring and easy to use tool for social media tasks. The tool can easily be expanded and adapted to other communications management purposes as well. The tool, accessible with a browser, is easy to open with different devices in different places and excludes issues linked to availability and version control of separate files. The end result is an inspiring, easy to use and visual tool to support daily creation of social media content. 


Lapland Hotels


Leisure & hospitality, Food & drink

Type of work

Internal comms
Digital concepts
UI & UX design
Digital marketing
Change enablement



Client description

Lapland Hotels is the biggest private hotel chain in Finland. It includes 18 hotels and 2300 rooms and apartments as well as 9 800 restaurant seats around Finland. The group also includes ski centers and the biggest activity service company in the Nordic region, Lapland Safaris.