Architects Soini & Horto

Profiling as the expert of ambitious projects with communications

Creative storytelling, Comms strategy, PR & media, Digital marketing

The challenge

Architects Soini & Horto (AS&H) wanted to emphasize their role and as the principal designer of Tripla before the launch, as well as grow their reputation as an employer and expert on ambitious projects.  On a concrete level AS&H wanted a partner for the strategic planning of communications as well as for content production, social media activation, media and campaign work. 

The solution

The cooperation begun with a strategic workshop. The results were used to create a communications plan for both the company’s overall communications and campaign communications for the Tripla's inauguration in the fall of 2019. A versatile palette of content was planned and created for the campaign, including articles, a social media video, a podcast, social media content and support for the company’s internal communications.

The outcome

As a result AS&H received versatile and high quality content for their channels  and concrete tools for independent communications actions in the future. AS&H received active exposure in the media and architecture was discussed broadly in connection to the Tripla launch. All social media follower numbers  increased significantly, for example on LinkedIn the number of followers quadrupled. The social media video, supported with light marketing, received a noteworthy amount of attention for a small architecture agency: over 30 000 views.

hasan comms held everything together very professionally regarding the timeline and the execution, and working with them was also fun!

- Kalle Soini, CEO, partner, Architects Soini & Horto


Architects Soini & Horto


Design & architecture

Type of work

Creative storytelling
Comms strategy
PR & media
Digital marketing



Client description

Architects Soini & Horto (AS&H) is a strongly growing Finnish architecture agency. Their largest project is the Tripla complex launched in Helsinki's Pasila in 2019, entailing the biggest shopping centre in the Nordics.