Partnering for prosperous brands

Brands are defined by the magic that happens between people. It’s as much about our commitment to our partners as it is the relationships of their brand to their customers. Sharing a common goal to create personal experiences that people embrace. Creating desire, beauty and the powerful insight are the ingredients we use to fuel our craft.

Brand strategies and platforms

We develop plans and platforms for bringing meaning and purpose to an experience, product or company. We build them together with the client in tune with the company strategy to drive digital and ecological transformation, be relevant for the fast paced market and to keep the brand on course for the future.

What we do:

  • Brand strategy and purpose

  • Strategic segmentation

  • Brand concepts and platforms

  • Future casting

Making and telling stories

We create authentic brands that stand out and build strong emotional connections changing behaviour. Marketing communication that has stretch from strong hero concepts through to ongoing tactical actions. Scalable and adaptable for todays different touch points, made for impact and to cut through the noise.

What we do:

  • Target analysis and setting

  • Creative strategy

  • Campaign ideas and executions

  • Ongoing marcom and brand operations

Brand and experience design

We give brands a distinct personality, aesthetic and voice to express their purpose and positioning. Thoughtfully crafted, delivered through practical tools and implemented persistently to facilitate consistency across customer interactions.

What we do:

  • Brand audit

  • Identity design and systems

  • Customer journeys

  • Experience design and branding

Customer centric companies and brands 

We organise and understand the complex world brands face today, bringing a simplicity and driving change. We create participation and dialogue within organisations, allowing them to become more customer centric and inspiring transformation from within.

What we do:

  • Customer strategy

  • Organization design

  • Cultural change

  • Employee experience

Communication planning and execution

We find opportunities for brands to speak up and communicate in the market. We formulate authentic and clear messages inline with the brand’s purpose, voice and objectives. We attend media, monitor ongoing dialogues and create new ones.

What we do:

  • Reputation building & management

  • Brand communication design 

  • Communication execution

  • PR & media

  • Ongoing cooperation

Lets talk

We are always interested to talk to new people, talent or companies who would like to collaborate. Email or visit us at Roineentie.