Lick-hiker’s Guide to Inner Strength campaign wins hasan & partners a One Show Merit

It’s been an epic month of achievements for hasan & partners and today we add a new gong to the list. The One Show has awarded us a merit for The Lickhiker’s Guide to Inner Strength, a campaign we wrote for Gefilus, which is made by Valio, the Finnish dairy giant.

Like a true champion and fighter for the cause, international travel presenter, Ian ‘lick it’ Wright and his luminometer, ventured to the dirtiest places in Europe to promote the virtues of Gefilus, a probiotic range that promotes gut health and wellbeing.

The 25-minute documentary sees Wright’s tongue come into contact with places that harbour bad bacteria – all in the name of science. He licked a Russian public toilet and underground station, a Finnish kindergarten, Swedish river, €10 note, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and even Tottenham Hotspur FC’s stadium.

Eka Ruola, CEO and ECD of hasan & partners Group, says of the merit: “The One Show is one of the most prestigious awards competitions in advertising, design, interactive and branded entertainment. It’s an honour to be recognised for our creative achievements by a panel of top industry professionals.

“Good bacteria in Gefilus products has been carefully studied and it works. However, due to legislation, we were not able to talk thoroughly about the benefits of the product. Instead we decided, that seeing is believing, so we put the product to an ultimate test and created a documentary, which is both educational and fun, designed to physically draw attention to the link between the gut, our inner strength, and our wellbeing.

It’s really important to us that our campaigns take the consumer on an engaging journey, and even though world traveller, Ian Wright, has experienced so many challenges Gefilus was probably the weirdest. So, we’d like to give a special mention to you Ian ‘lick it’ Wright for taking us, Valio and the consumer on this stomach-churning adventure.”

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