Ami Hasan named President of the Art Directors Club of Europe. He’s out to unite nations in the Ad World.


In another leap towards a world of creativity with purpose, we are over the moon to announce that The Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) has selected hasan & partners Group’s own chairman and founder, Ami Hasan, as its new President.

Speaking about his ADCE role Ami says: I’m honoured to be elected as the president of ADCE, an organization with massive responsibility, mountainous influence and monumental potential.”

Although Ami tries to leave politics out of the conversation wherever he can, in a presidential role he cannot help but inject a political perspective on the future.

As he defines what the next few years in the creative world should look like, Ami plans to unite the European creative industry: Unification of diversity is what stimulates creativity and that is at the core of hasan & partners. It’s this very essence that fuels my passion as president of the ADCE.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for us and all our European counterparts, in the creative worlds and in politics and European unity. Stigmas, barriers, walls and more have tried to break nations apart. We’ve fought back with every creative inch in our bones to rebuild bridges with our European friends.

hasan & partners Group has 200 people from 15 different nationalities and the way we work, create and belong together is how we can unite the industry that faces huge meta-competition from not only traditional ad agency rivals, but other consultants and technology companies.

The ad world can be a rat race to the next best thing, whether it’s chatbots, AI or T-1000 supersonic metals, everyone wants a piece of the trending pie. This is all well and good as long as the tools for creativity have a purpose. I urge tech and innovation ‘for the sake of it’ to be thrown out the window because it serves us nothing but new barriers. Let’s harness the new things in life to rocket Europe up into the creative stratosphere and beyond.”

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