hasan & partners at Cannes: Can trolling be a force for good in advertising?

Join our fight against evil advertising on Monday 20th June at 1pm in the Cannes Lions Forum, as chairman Ami Hasan and artist/brand hacktivist Jani Leinonen go head to head on whether trolling can be a force for good in advertising.

Jani came to international attention in 2011 when, whilst posing as the Food Liberation Army, he kidnapped a Ronald McDonald statue and held it to ransom. Another campaign that put him in the headlines includes a series of commercial-like videos of Kellogg’s character Tony the Tiger navigating a grown-up world of prostitution, police violence and suicide bombers.

Along with hasan & partners Group’s CEO and ECD, Eka Ruola, the panel will discuss if the way brands react to trolling can either grow brand value among fans or diminish it.

The gloves are off and we look forward to seeing you at Cannes. Who knows what Jani has planned.


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