Mobile operator DNA unveils VR campaign starring its sponsored athletes

Mobile operator DNA takes sponsorship to new heights through a DNA VR Alpine Experience with the Finnish Alpine Ski Team.

The pop-up VR experience developed by hasan & partners, invites the public to embrace the ultimate exhilaration and step into the boots of Olympic skiers.

To create the immersive campaign production company Raw & Land travelled to the Hintertux glacier in Austria and shot two 360-degree videos, ‘Giant Slalom’ and ‘Ski Cross’.

A 4D platform was constructed by Perfect Fools Stockholm, which synchronises the sound and footage shown through a Samsung Gear VR headset with a vibrating pad, enhanced by an wind fan blasting cold mountain air at the VR skier.

An on-board camera captures the player in action and the footage is edited into a personalised video that’s available to download from a campaign website within 10 minutes. They are encouraged to share their video on Facebook. Each player is given a customised cardboard VR headset as a keepsake.

DNA’s mission is to bring together people, technology and things. DNA VR Alpine Experience is designed to build rapport with customers and raise the operator’s profile in the region.

Anu Shibutani, the marketing director of DNA, comments: “Only a handful of people have a chance to experience what it feels like to be a professional skier. For us common people watching them in action on TV or from the sides of a slope we cannot get a true sense of the rush and exhilaration that the skiers feel and experience physically. The DNA VR Alpine Experience is as close as you can get to the thrill of a 100kph downhill rush.”

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