Restaurant full of shy Finns propose for Geisha Valentine’s campaign

A restaurant full of dining couples all proposing during a single evening was secretly filmed as part of a reality-based Valentine’s Day campaign for international chocolate brand, Geisha.

The cameras recorded heartwarming scenes of 14 love-shy Finns proposing to their steadies in a pop-up venue in Helsinki.

The experience was created by hasan & partners Helsinki, which briefed the bachelors and bachelorettes to invite their partners out on a regular date.

Big Brother director Jukka Honkanen at production company hasan motion, captured the romantic antics and produced a series of short films to be aired on TV and social media.

The film opens with a romantic soundtrack as the production team sets up the restaurant and installs their cameras. Then, one-by-one, rings are revealed and men – mainly nervous and sometimes on bended knee – pop the big question. Tears, smiles, kisses, laughter and hand-holding fades to Geisha’s endline: “Every moment can be the Moment”.

A two-minute TVC will air on national TV channel MTV3, after the 10 o’clock news on Valentine’s Day. 15-second trailers and longer video versions will be shared on social media, while a full-page ad will appear in the country’s biggest daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, to announce the engagements.

Rasmus Bange, senior brand manager at Fazer Geisha, comments: “We’ve modernized the Geisha approach to reach a younger target audience – yet retain the link between romantic moments and chocolate. It is sometimes hard for a Finn to express feelings, which is why Geisha wanted to help a love-shy few to pop the question to their loved one.”

Anu Niemonen, creative at hasan & partners, added: “We wanted to capture real emotions and relationships in this year’s Geisha campaign, which is where the concept of helping couples with their proposals came from. As far as we know, this is the first time an entire restaurant of diners has proposed.”

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